Planet Earth

I work with UK startups
that have worldwide ambitions


Hey! I'm a design-led frontend developer.
Passionate about building products that use technology to help people.

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Partners and Projects

Associo Branding

At Associo we're making the world's first collaborative analysis platform.

I am currently acting as CTO, and have been heavily involved throughout the product prototyping and proof of concept development.

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Superior Yachting Branding

I've helped Superior Yachting design and build a bespoke web app. Including a custom CMS.

We continue to evolve the proposition and establish our place in the market.

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Loopspeed Company Branding

I cofounded Loopspeed with James Lester. We get paid to do what we love - web and app development.

Our partners and projects stand out in a noisy world, and can serve their audience in new and innovative ways.

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Agaia Clothing Branding

Agaia is a new ethical clothing company.

Our mission is to make the world’s greatest planet friendly clothes, so that our conscious community look and feel the best!

I founded Agaia, and I work on our strategy and technology solutions.

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Fufil Branding

Fufil makes it easy to maintain a life wheel and goals for each area. It helps people create new buddies and mentors outside of work. I've done a lot of the app design work and built the website. Currently looking to test the concept before investing more resource into it.

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Skills 💻

Strengths 🧠

Agile Methodology
UX and UI
App Prototyping
Website Design
Frontend Development
React and React Native
Animations and Transitions
Product Planning
Business Analysis

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