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I’m passionate about creating solutions that elevate human health and performance.


With bespoke technology, your business can:

  • Do more with what you have

    Operate more efficiently by automating mundane tasks and streamlining processes.
  • Create new revenue streams

    Turn your service and knowledge into a product, or launch something brand new!
  • Deliver a superior customer experience

    Improve your customer conversion and retention rates.

Focus your team.
Focus your app.
Start simple.

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Together we will:

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Understand and Plan

Clarify what’s most important, and form a compelling product vision.

Design and Create

Work with a high-performing team that care about the quality of their work and the goals of your business.

Iterate and Make Great

Follow an agile approach to build, test and learn from your audience.

Keep testing.
Keep iterating.
Keep evolving.

App Designer

Full-stack app development with Loopspeed

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Looking for a team to help you launch something awesome? Look no further.

Contract React and React Native App Development

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Does your interface need a facelift? How would an improved design look?

Rapid Prototype Production

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A cost-effective way to test your ideas and start bringing the product to life.

App Review and Critique

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How might objective feedback from a specialist improve your product?

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Matthew Frawley
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A web and app designer who loves to build things.

A design-led frontend developer with a passion for creating products that use technology to help people. Quick to understand problems and visualise solutions. Constantly sharpening his saw.